Amber Russell

Portland Based Fingerstyle guitarist Amber Russell, has had a diverse platform of musical outlets during her almost 20 years of composing music. In her home town of Elkhart Indiana, she spent 3 years learning compositions on piano,at age 13 she picked up the guitar after regularly watching her older brother Joe play bass in his band for so many years. For the next 6 years she was an active Singer songwriter in her band Geronimo with percussionist Danielle Husky.David Guevara took over as Geronimo's percussionist in 2011. Performing and composing songs with her guitar, harmonica, andukulele. In the summer of 2012 she relocated to Los Angeles.She then continued her journey as a singer songwriter with her band Seropolar, with her bandmate Steve Avila for the following 3 years. They practiced and performed in Marina Del Rey/ Venice Beach area regularly.Amber worked part time hosting anartist show case and open mic in Silverlake, during this time she found a profound interest in Fingerstyle guitar.

Her solo acoustic music didn't take off until she relocated to
Portland, Oregon. A city calm and
collect, yet outrageous and weird enough to find the appropriate audience for her unique and eclectic sound.She currently resides in Portland and is working on a new album that should launch in July of 2019.