Marvin Mumford

"With so many new songwriters, artist and songs being introduced on a daily basis, Marvin Mumford has become a refreshing breeze in the mist of this musical world. He has quickly become one of today's emerging songwriters and worship leaders. With a style that transcends most musical genres, Marvin's music has a unique ability to minister to the cry of any soul". ------------- Radio Host, Walter Johnson        
Since 2002, Marvin Mumford has had the opportunity to perform on some of the largest stages across the country.  For the past eight years, it has brought him great joy to be touring with his oldest son and drummer Marvin II, who at 16 years old is a musician skilled beyond his years.   Marvin’s biggest asset, besides his son, is his relational way of ministry.  He and Marvin II get involved in every aspect of each event they do  -- from speaking, giving seminars, participating in sports activities and leading warm ups.
“We like to fill in where needed and truly operate as part of Christ’s body everywhere God sends us.  The relationships that we build off the stage allow us to be able to minister more effectively when we are on the stage.  The level of high energy and passion our audiences see on stage is what they also see off the stage.  There’s no difference – there’s no button that we turn on when we get on stage: we are best friends who enjoy hanging out worshipping and serving together,” he said.
The Mumfords’ “Kingdom-sound” style of worship is a blend of gospel, contemporary, reggae, pop and everything in between.  “Our music is very inclusive regardless of age group, culture, denomination, which is very important as worship leaders because we are trying to reach every member of our audience for Christ,” Marvin said. Once referred to by a friend as “Michael W. Smith meets George Clinton,” God has given the father-son duo a desire to create a new sound, a new song as they do a  hymn blue grass style one day, and funk style another.
As both an artist who performs the songs of others as well as writes his own, Marvin prefers to write songs with lyrics that speak to the Lord, rather than just about Him: “A lot of folks have stopped writing TO the Lord… now everyone writes about God, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there has to be some kind of communication that you are talking TO him as you worship Him, not just about Him.”
For the past seven years, Marvin and Marvin have served as The Fellowship of Christian Athletes’ “go to” worship band nationally.  Marvin Sr. is also an instructor and artist for Camp Electric, a music camp for teenagers ages 13-19 hosted by Toby Mac, and he has been a part of the K-Love Cruise artist roster 2013- 2017 and worship leader for the Salvation Army Youth Leaders Conference 2016 & 2017
When you ask Marvin who is God to him, his simple, yet profound, response is:  “Everything.”  He credits his passion on stage to God’s grace in his life: “God has given me so much -- I know what I was and what I can be still at times, and I pour all of that into my worship on stage and my son gets to see that, too – and it is just who he is, too” – and his gratitude and humility bring a realness and an honesty to his ministry style.
For Marvin, worship is about total obedience, total sacrifice, and total surrender.  “When that defines worship, then it becomes a lifestyle -- not just what you do, and it allows you to serve your spouse and children and at your job, and live a life that is pleasing to the Lord because you are willing to do all those things as you live worshipfully.”
An ordained pastor for over 14 years, Marvin speaks at conferences, retreats, colleges, camps, churches, and festivals nationally.  His heart to see the lost saved and the saved on fire for Christ is contagious, and his passion for souls fuels him to daily share the Gospel of Jesus Christ whether through song, the word, or by just doing life with others: “We never want to gather and not share the word or give someone the opportunity to come to know Christ as their Savior & Lord.”
His involvement with the inner city across the country has given him a platform to help churches become more active in bridging the gap and building relationships with the inner city. Marvin, who considers himself a domestic missionary, serves as a musical ambassador with World Hope, with whom he and his son Marvin II have partnered to sponsor the 15 city 25 show "Heart & Soul" tour --
Marvin has been married to his college sweetheart Jinaki Petty Mumford for 21 years. They have four boys Marvin II, Myles, Micah and Malachi, and he has two other children from a previous relationship, Patrice and Dominique.  Marvin and his family reside in Atlanta, GA.
We are high energy, passionate about what we do -- and we take it very seriously.
His “authentic worship” and humility bring a realness and an honesty to his ministry.
Marvin Mumford Career Highlights:
2002 - Marvin begins his worship ministry as the lead singer for the group "Coming Soon", releasing his first project "Coming to A Soul Near You".
2005 – Marvin launches solo career and releases his worship debut album in 2005 "Worship for an Audience of One” which becomes an instant praise and worship classic with songs like, "Let Your Spirit Fall, Bless The Mighty Name, More of You, and What A Mighty God.”
2007 – Releases single entitled “Dance in the Rain,” written to provide hope and encouragement for he and his wife during a very hard time in their lives. It quickly became an anthem for others experiencing loss and pain, and God has used the song to minister to thousands across the globe.
2008 - Marvin's follow up cd release "The Color of Worship" gives a glimpse into the heart of this amazing worship leader, and includes remakes of some of today’s biggest worship classics done in Marvin’s own unique way.
2010 – Marvin releases children's worship cd "SHOUT - Worship 4 Kidz,” and completes a musical journal DVD chronicling 2 months of his life as a worship leader through song: 30-30 Worship Campaign, which is available on YouTube.
2012 – Marvin releases his latest cd "Rescued Me", a song documentary of his life and journey to salvation. This critically acclaimed cd has open the doors to so many new opportunities for him. Such as being named the National Worship Leader 2014 for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.