Silas Fernandes

Silas Fernandes is one of today’s leading innovators of shred generation, who developed his outstanding music skills through heavy music to become a true virtuoso of this music genre.
During his 27 year career, Silas had the opportunity to develop his skills through various opportunities which included positions as a guitar instructor IG&T (Guitar institute of Technology Brazil), producer, business consultant, and finally as a guitarist who has worked with many names in the Brazil Music business.
He began in music as a teenager, playing in heavy metal bands of the legendary "metal" scene in the ABC region in São Paulo in a band named Esfinge along with Andreas Kisser who would later become the guitarist for Sepultura.
Immersed in records with names like Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai, and Judas Priest, Silas mastered killer shredding techniques beyond the necessary aggressiveness that characterizes the heavy sound.
From there he began his career releasing instructing videos and teaching, in addition to playing in a hard rock band named Smoking Guns.
As the great producer that he is, Silas always kept up to date with regards to the styles of bands and tricks involving music production by working as a "guitar tech" for renowned artists in Brazil as well he wrote The Book "Set up" that later became a course in EM&T (School of music and technology).
He kept his solo career in workshops and clinics throughout Brazil, parallel to his work as music producer. Silas released three instrumental albums. His second album "No Apologies" was a milestone in the fusion of elements of electronic music (such as those coming from industrial music and drum and bass) with heavy guitars, which featured a component part of the sonic landscape of the new millennium.
In 2009, to celebrate his 14 years immersed in instrumental music, Silas launched a new record named "14 years", where he rescues songs from his first three albums, some re-recorded, some with a new reading, and some only re mastered, added to new great songs that link to the heaviness and aggressiveness that made his story.
It may not be too much to say that this is a work that exudes freshness! And why not say that this work is different from the monotonous pile of records of most of the guitarist that play on this field!
Continuing in the celebration mood, it was recorded by producer Liveup the DVD LIVE FOR REAL during the CD 14 years 2010 tour, with Felipe Andreoli (Angra) on bass and Edu Garcia (Threat) on drums. This DVD was released in December 2011.
The main show was recorded at Mix music hall in Sao Paulo, with 6 cameras and an impeccable audio jack and mixing. The result was a lean DVD with really incendiary live performances and more, backstage scenes that give an atmosphere of fun and at the same time, of an elegant movie.
Fans of heavy music will "wear the shirt" of this new work by Silas "banging" ferociously to the sound of songs like Metal of Deafness, where irregular timings, arpeggios in the speed of light and heavy riffs stand.
In 2013 Silas was invited by Território da Música site to co-produce and present the Youtube Show "Setup On Fire", that shows another caracteristic from Silas Fernandes: a humorous, relaxed and most importantly, an expert of the technological content related to electric guitar equipment and music production tips. Every Thursday night, a new episode goes live on Youtube by Território da Música channel to the delirium of fans representing over 3,000 views a program only in the first week.
Today with more than 7,000 weekly visualizations Silas commands since March 2014, his own and successful Rig on Fire show.
But the big news to the delight of fans of the six strings is: Silas just released (December 2014) his 5th instrumental album called: ... Must Be The Wrong Year!!
The impression I had when I heard the album is that Silas pays a tribute to metal history (see the album name).
Moments of extreme modern Metal with guttural seven-string tunings mingle with the Glam style songs from the 80's, passing by a beautiful ballad (Finally Peace), something like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. Amazing!!!
Mastered by Grammy Awards Heros Trench, again, Silas Fernandes stands helping to build the story of six strings in Brazil.