Victor Wooten

One of the world’s most famous musicians, grew up in a family love of music, he played as well as the understanding of music gave him many musicians and fans in the world. He won four grammy awards and twice in the Nashville music awards, he was awarded the title of “bass player of the year”, and is the only a three-time authority music magazine “bassist” issued by the band of musician of the year award.
As the grammy award winner “Bela Fleck and the Flecktones” members of the band, Victor performance earned him a bassist and admiration of the fans in the world. In 1999, he in the Nashville music awards, was awarded the title of “bass player of the year” (it was already the second time). In 1998, he received a Bass Player for the third time Magazine issued to his Bass Player of the year award (he is the only one Bass Player to win the award more than once), and the Magazine refers to as “one of the ten big Bass reformer in the 90 s”. Also is in 1998, Victor won his second grammy award (best instrumental music works, The Left Flecktones album of almost 12 pieces) in The Cool, Down Beat magazine chose him as a “genius” most worthy of being accepted. This is a very good year.
Victor also wrote a book called “music” (The music lesson #), and this book influenced many a master in music, The book is not only about The essence of music, also talked about The true meaning of life.
Victor loves to use Music Area gig bags when he travels in the tour, and so do his band members.