RB-10 is super cost-effective with fashion design and portable weight. We insist on using environmentally friendly and ROHS-compliant raw materials for both surface and interior. The surface of RB-10 series adopts innovative 900D Polyester with Snowflake Textures, which is stylish and artistic. Moreover, RB-10 series are waterproof, dustproof and wearproof and the application of ecologically low-emission dyeing process ensures excellent color fastness.
The filling material is 10mm EPE and lining material is 70D/PU which protect your instrument carefully. There is a big enough storage compartment for music sheet, tuner, capo, cable and other accessories.
MSRP : US$33
Material Composing
( from outside to inside)
1. Polyester(900D)with      Snowflake Textures (Waterproof  Surface)
2. EPE(10mm)(Middle Cushioning material)
3. 70D/PU (Lining material)
Hard-Wearing PVC Sole
Industrial Zippers
Firm Handle
  • Internal dimensions: 42” X 16” X 4” and External dimensions: 42.12” X 16.5” X 4.33"
  • Environmentally friendly and ROHS-compliant raw materials 
  • Innovative 900D polyester with Snowflake Textures on the surface. 
  • Filled with10mm EPE and lined with 70D/PU material 
  • Firm handle and Ergonomic S-type shoulder straps 
  • The zipper has been under mechanical test over 8000 times 
  • PVC foot pad can resist rub and aging  
  • Big enough storage compartment for music sheet, tuner, capo, cable and other accessories. 
Material Composing from outside to side
TOP & BACK & SIDES(Foxing):
  1. Polyester(900D)with Snowflake Textures (Waterproof Surface)
  2. EPE(10mm)(Middle Cushioning material)
  3. 70D/PU (Lining material)
Internal dimensions
  • Length: 1067 mm / 42 ins 
  • Lower Bout Width: 406 mm / 16 ins 
  • Upper Bout Width: 305 mm / 12 ins 
  • Depth: 127 mm / 5 ins
1.1kg / 2.43 lbs

Features Comparison Between Different Series
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Zinc Wall Hanger Hook    
Hideable Straps          
Extra Private Back Pocket                
Storage Pocket Quantities     3 4 6 3 1 1 4
Hard-Wearing PVC Sole    
Removable Neck Pillow     √+ Velcro Lock √+ Velcro Lock √+ Velcro Lock  
Removable Strap-Pin Bumper          
Reflective Stripes for Safety            
ABS Reinforcing Sides              
Carries Two Instruments