Premium Protection for Precious Property

Company History
A Manufacturer that has been specializing in OEM/ODM gig bags for decades

Music Area, a leading manufacturer that designs and makes premier bags and cases for musical instruments,  offers an extensive product selection capable of providing strong protection, including gig bags and cases for fretted, brass, woodwind, strings and percussion instruments.  
We insist on using environmentally friendly and ROHS-compliant raw materials in all our Music Area products, both externally and internally.
Established in 1990, Music Area is situated in Dongguan of China, a city of origin for world-renowned bags and suitcase brands. 
Over the past 26 years, we have been focusing on designing and producing bags and suitcases, and have been providing ODM and OEM services for numerous big brands like YAMAHA, F BASS, etc.​
Music Area Factory

Company Asset
Makes us an unshakeable position in the industry

Most of our workers including sewers, material researchers, tooling engineers and even warehouse managers have been working in our factory for over 15 years. They are our precious asset that lays a solid foundation for our cooperation with YAMAHA and every other brand. By fully meeting YAMAHA’s strict and particular requirement, we have been greatly improved in moving towards a world-class manufacturer of high-end instrument cases and bags. Moreover, we have overcome many technical difficulties and made our progress step by step in quality control, new product design, and new applicable materials as well.​

Brand Concept
Premium Protection for Precious Property

In 2012, we established our own brand: Music Area, with a mission to make the best instrument soft cases. We used four Chinese characters: 音樂驛站(YinYueYiZhan) as our symbolic logo which is designed as an Imperial Seal of China to present the profound seal culture in China as well as deliver our brand concept: A Promise of Superior Quality Products. Our word type logo "Music Area" is the translation of our Chinese logo which means a place for musicians and fans to enjoy music together.
In 2015, we started promotion of Music Area after three years’ research and development, and we have finalized multiple series of instrument gig bags, such as AA31, WIND30, WIND20, HAN30 and TANG30. In less than two years, our gig bags become favored by many famous artists including Victor Wooden, Chuck Rainey, Neil Zaza, Silas Fernandes, Don Alder, Travis Bowman and so forth.

Brand Mission

  • To show the world the difference of "Made in China"
  • To build an unprecedented brand proudly manufactured in China
  • To make the best instrument bags and cases
  • To keep passionate about designing and researching
  • To devote ourselves to offering quality products and services
  • To Listen to our customers attentively and do better
  • To be an Innovative Designer of instrument bags and cases​