Cao Si Yi

Cao Siyi walk/sound
In 1998, began to learn the guitar
In 1999 began to work in the bar to sing, and at the same time come into contact with many musicians, Shanghai local including some music workers from overseas.
To join the "band" in Shanghai, in 2004 began a guitar teaching work in the same year.
In 2008 began to come into contact with refers to play the guitar music, and open the floodgates. And start to try to play song creation.
To join the Shanghai musician association in 2011 and employs the judges as Shanghai refers to playing the guitar. Work "drift" chosen by Shanghai flick employs three songs.
In November 2011, With China's first flick musicians to record collection in Beijing "never refers to as"
Sep 2012 published his first solo album was recorded the recent EP.
In 2013 published march record second personal album "Songs of Yesterday, this album is a typical English song arranger album.
04, 2013 With China's first flick musician held in Peking University "never refers to as" concert.
04, 2013 "Songs of Yesterday, Shanghai tour at universities.
05, 2014 published the third personal album recording the tian an insolent, this album for the whole album.
05, 2014 Refers to play the guitar player cat together with the national tour.
July 2014, Recorded background music for jahath coffee advert, guitar solo.
In October 2014, Refers to play The guitar player GIN with Japan for "The Dream World of The magical World of Pisces Pisces" national tour.
The qinghai lake in November 2014, the film soundtrack guitar recording.
Sep 2015 to record a third personal album "Milky Way", this album for the whole album.
Sep 2015 record published the cooperation with Japanese player GIN album "Blue Passenger".
In October 2015, Refers to play the guitar player GIN with Japan on the Blue Passenger/Blue passers by national tour.
In November 2015 as the Idol group "Idol" School adaptation refers to play solo, the song is Idol School album features. And in the combination of the New Year's performance in counter attack.
Repeatedly with flick performers artists from both at home and abroad cooperation performance (in order first letter) :
Cat, saraphic, du wei, Ren Jiang, Ivan, the song dynasty Wang Kaizhong, to Wei, jia-ming zhu,
Okazaki Canon, GIN, the south jersey large dielectric, Tian Zhongbin, satoshi gogo, nakagawa amomum villosum,
Billy McLaughlin, Don Ross, Laurence Juber, Martin Taylor, Tommy Emmanuel,
Thomas Leeb
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