GIN Is known as the acoustic guitar playing in Japan the "best newcomer" in the home, sad, beautiful, lonely melody and style make a lot of people have a crush on his music.
Asian flick godfather Nakagawa amomum villosum (Isato Nakagawa) on his evaluation is very high, also think GIN is his successor. In 2012 by Mr Nakagawa amomum villosum introduction, to carry on the China tour, with its got a fairly high attention.
Again in 2013 to carry on the China tour, but also in the Chinese circle of acoustic guitar fans gathered in the very high popularity. In the 2014 China tour "Pisces Dream World popularity, after countless fans.
Laid the GIN be in the position of the most popular Japanese player in China.
04, 2006
Japan refers to play competition won the second place and good performance.
06, 2009
Participate in the organization's collection by nakagawa sand the day break2 and received wide acclaim, and touring activities
In October 2011,
Release the combination "nakashion" second album, including は ら り? ひ ら り piece, invited Mr Nakagawa sand people assist accompaniment.
In December 2011.
Launch the first album "features one-button"
Sep 2012
China tour with Mr Nakagawa amomum villosum, first time meet with the Chinese fans.
In March 2013,
The second time to China tour.
05, 2014
Sale of second personal album "Pastoral".
In October 2014,
Along with Chinese performers Cao Siyi the Pisces Dream World tour of China
In September 2015,
For the blue passers-by with Chinese performers Cao Siyi China tour
In early 2014, Japanese refers to tan performer refers to play GIN and China performers Cao Siyi in music station headquarters (dongguan leeper industrial co., LTD.) and Franky, chairman of a group photo.