Founded in 1989, the zero band, with 7 albums, more than 20 champion songs, the cumulative sales of more than 250, is the most important in the mainland of China, a mainstream rock band. 25 years, zero band created many music miracle, a record sales of the highest, have the largest number of fans of the first pop rock band -- this is the zero band indelible brilliance, then long ten years time, we with zero band together in the stream of life chasing by ups and downs, a struggle and struggle, but never lose to music, love of life and the beginning of the heart. Reorganization of the band members, composed of Hand Yang Haidong and bass guitarist Li Ying (OVO), Keyboardist cholomon, lead singer Xiao Guang Xue (five), drummer Duan Sili (SARA), in structural members across 60, 70, 80 different generations, Meng spice tertiary combination, from auditory to visual are for us to bring new impact and freshness.Caravan band members proficient in all kinds of weird and wonderful Chinese and Western musical instruments, use a lot of folk instruments and national harmony in the show, singer ah steel singing highly impact force, rough drums, loud suona, resounding tough boys become caravan band is unique to the auditory identification, could instantly takes the listener to the mystery of the southwest mountains and vast primeval forest, a glimpse of what the national culture.