Music Area Tang-30 Guitar Pack

One. Design concept
Use of advanced polyester yarn woven linen jacquard, far away look like leather, close look like silk, chiffon, through unique tailoring and sewing, far look you may think it is a fashionable coat! Look or touch when you know it so light, soft.
It has a variety of models: bass guitar guitar guitar guitar etc.
Two. Structural organization
Many consumers have always thought that the material protection of light weight is not strong enough, wrong! Because we in addition to have waterproof, environmental protection, lightweight fabric, 30mm inside the density EPE ten 5mm of environmentally friendly sticky cotton, take baby flannel.
In fact, our guitar bag is not anti pressure, can not let others pressure on the top or foot to tread! But it’s the best shock! Such as the bottom of the sports shoes, as long as the soft and hard moderate is the best protection for the human body. Also, we have in many travel test aircraft consignment is no problem, because it is the best anti shock protection, airport transportation personnel know this is soft, of course, will not let it pressure!! Must be independent storage rack. If you are free to have a look at the airline, the mode of operation of the staff will know, guitar is generally bad shock, and not crush!
In order to better protect the vulnerable neck, almost all of our products will add a pillow! Give it a good and safe rest.
Three. Characteristics of accessories
Many products do not pay attention to the importance of accessories! It is very important.
Zip: repeat 15000 times test! adopt
Buckle: new aluminum zinc alloy, bearing 30 kg! adopt
Fabric: three waterproof weathering test! adopt
Inside: European environmental level test! Solid color test! adopt
Strap: take medical knowledge to adjust the design of ergonomics and human skeletal distribution. (describe too much inconvenience, sorry)
Four color choices.
1 black light chain, strengthen user safety driving at night.
2 grey and black chain, fashionable colors, luxurious feel!