Music Area will meet with you at the 2016 Guangzhou Musical Instrument Exhibition

 2016 the thirteenth session of the Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition will be on March 5, held, then music Area in 11.3 comprehensive museum k78 booth waiting for your coming.<br>
Usual music station will participate in: January the NAMM show, Frankfurt instruments show April and may Beijing musical instruments exhibition, October Shanghai Musical Instrument Exhibition, every time I went to a music Area has great success, to obtain the trust and support of the musicians. And in January of this year the United States NAMM show, the United States and many European musicians comments from, booth organ bag is snapped up.<br>
This year, the company decided to negotiate, music station will participate in the march of Guangzhou International Musical Instruments Exhibition, to meet with you, for everyone to provide on-site opportunity to experience the music Area professional guitar package.<br>
Music Area in view of the first exhibition in Guangzhou International Musical Instrument Exhibition, we will to a variety of exquisite small gifts to everyone, hope this time to participate in the Guangzhou Trade Fair can meet the needs of the majority of fans music station, music Area professional organ bag can bring you happy, for you the Aegean protection.